Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication towards the rights of Person with disabilities

who we are

chairman & President
SHAzia Batool

I am shazia batool and i am an Artist, completed my masters in fine arts from punjab university. I was awarded medal of excellence ( Sitara-e-imtaiz) from Government of Pakistan, national youth award 2008, provisional youth award 2008, an expedition award 2010, United nation women award and many more.I became paralyzed by polio at the age of three. My mother says I was never vaccinated, which is why I am living with this incurable disability. i am a founder of Breaking Barriers women (BBW). I formed this group to provide a platform to the women with disabilities. A platform through with they can beat up with the pathetic circumstances of the society. As i myself is different able i can understand the feelings and the situation through which other different able is suffering. The purpose behind Breaking Barriers women is to empower the women with disabilities so that they can feel proud on themselves and their different abilities. As completed my education i have started searching a job for me, need a settled future, a future where i do not need anyone support. My disability is never a hurdle in my life.  i can defeat with my disability, the whole society through my courage then i can take a very strong and progressive decisions in my life  and i took too. My disability is always a courage for me and i try to motivate people to that no matter what type of circumstances you are going through never lose hope as hope is the real power and light

I am a CEO of Breaking Barriers Women
(NGO of a person with disabilities) an active member of the National Youth


vice president
karamatullah khan

My name is Muhammad karamatullah khan . I am from Quetta. I got road accident in 1999. After that I became paralyzed. I have complete spinal cord injury and I am quadriplegic. I cannot be able to do my any daily works by myself. Like eating, clothing, bathing, toileting, shifting from bed to wheelchair. Means I am depending on one attendant. When I got accident I was just 20 years old and completed my after that I spent complete 8 years on bed. And then realized I become a disabled so now its hard to live so I started thinking how to live life. Then by will power I started my new life.. I started setting with friends then try to get job but failed to get job in this type of disability. Then I got solution by myself that I offer my services free. So I got one internship. Where I worked 1 year and my boss refused me for job because my education was then I did private B.A and after 6 month I got same job. This was one project of child protection by UNICEF. I worked here one year and project Finished and I become jobless. I applied for many jobs and finally I got government job. now I am a teacher in govt school. I wasn’t stopped my study after B.A. now I am waiting for result of my B.Ed. and also I got my M.A special Education degree in April 2016. I will be first person who did M.A Special Education from Balochistan.

general secretary
sadaf ajmal

I am Sadaf Ajmal, General Secretary Breaking Barriers Women. Life is all about new ways full of motivation, hope, expectations and Aspiration. Never thought to be the part of such unique way of life which did not show me the true prospective of life before. My sister disability rather an ability motivates me to be the part of disability movement as after her disability i started thinking and observing life that they need energy and motivation through our means in their life. Since 2017 join a network of Person with disabilities for a cause of doing alot for humanity. Now a part of Breaking Barriers Women a disability right based organization and feel proud to be chosen in many.