Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Person with disabilities Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Breaking Barriers Women

BBW is an acronym of Breaking Barriers women, which is a disability and youth based non- Governmental, non- profitable charity based humanitarian organization based in Quetta city Balochistan, Pakistan. It was formed in 2017 after observing the pathetic and miserable lives of Person with disabilities in Pakistan. It has a membership of 10, both young women and men the organization has a wide capacity of young volunteers with a strong grip on disabilities and its related issues. BBW aims of providing the opportunities to the person with disabilities especially female, realizing through awareness campaigns and raising voice that they can do everything and having an equal rights in society. BBW focuses on the activities which based on the most valuable parts of the society. BBW having different campaigns on inclusive education, barrier free environment, transportation issues, accessibility of the places, and taking out the person with disabilities from the homes to let them realize that they are the equal member of the society. BBW focuses on the desirable life for all person with disabilities through different means like focuses on the health, art, education, advocacy and empowering them economically and socially.


To erect a desirable life for all person with disabilities through empowering, educating, providing them a healthy life style, and a world where person with disabilities live fully integrated life socially, economically and a step towards socially just accessible and inclusive community.


’To work with the community and to advocate them on behalf of person with disabilities, about their rights and their living style. Eliminating barriers for full integration and to increase employment, working for the social security for all person with disabilities and Creating a health care opportunities, BBW creates innovative programs and tools; conducts research, public education, training, and advocacy campaigns; and provides technical assistance. BBW mission is realized when there is full employment at the same rate as the general population; the barriers to asset building are removed, and people with disabilities have the tools, information, and resources to achieve economic security and build wealth; and people with disabilities have seamless, continuous access to affordable, quality health care and support services

Our Core Values

  • People with disabilities must be treated with respect, prestige and dignity
  • Freedom to chose is the basic right for all person with disabilities
  • People with disabilities must be able to enjoy full mobility and accessibility that allows them full access in the community. Choice and control in all areas of their lives must be exercised by all person with disabilities
  • Person with disabilities must be able to enjoy the real benefits of employment
  • Equality,saftey and security along with other members of the society is the basic right of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Person with disabilities constitutional, moral, and civil rights to be fully included and actively participated in all aspects of life
  • BBW believes in society in general and the BBW in particular benefit from the contributions of people with diverse personal characteristics including but not limited to race, religion, age, geography, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity and type of disability
  • Person with disabilities are defined by their own strength, inherent values, and abilities but not by their disabilities.


  • To empower the Person with disabilities through training and counseling about their rights.
  • To raise the confidence and moral of person with disabilities
  • To create a culture of volunteerism to cultivate support for the people with disabilities
  • To make environment accessible through all means that person with disabilities can move easily and feel free to be the part of the society
  • To provide Assistive equipments such as clichés, wheelchairs, walking aids, hearing and vision aids, and communication aids.
  • To work for “Barrier free” and right based society.
  • To work for “Inclusive education” throughout province.
  • To provide home based earning facilities.
  • To help the person with disabilities to start their own businesses.
  • To work on the implementation disable jobs quota and to create employment opportunities by lobbying the private and public sectors
  • To promote sports and cultural activities.
  • To research and keep statistics on the issues of the people with disabilities
  • To raise voice through mass media at women with disabilities rights.
  • To promote the equality of the people with the disabilities to those without the disabilities and eliminate the disability stigma